Maturing lifecycle

Create matrices laying out the data in rows, similar to matrix(..., byrow = TRUE), with a nicer-to-read syntax. This is useful for small matrices, e.g. covariance matrices, where readability is important. The syntax is inspired by tribble().




<dynamic-dots> Arguments specifying the structure of a frame_matrix. Column names should be formulas, and may only appear before the data. These arguments are processed with rlang::list2() and support unquote via !! and unquote-splice via !!!.


A matrix.

See also

See quasiquotation for more details on tidy dots semantics, i.e. exactly how the ... argument is processed.


frame_matrix( ~col1, ~col2, 1, 3, 5, 2 )
#> col1 col2 #> [1,] 1 3 #> [2,] 5 2